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Horrible service ripped out one window before they even checked if they had that window.Which they didn't so they put up a piece of plywood where the window was and had to be like that for over a week.

They left a mess of nails just laying around my house and i have kids that run around barefoot outside in summer time.

They say windows are their specialty yet every window in my house had gaps where air was coming in. When i complained they took some cheap a** wood and put it around the windows which looks very ghetto.

The door which he stated was top quaility looks like s***.I could have went to my local Lowes and had a door ten times better for half the price.

He says he stands behind his materials yet when a little wind caught my screen door and ripped it off he wouldn't fix it unless i paid him.Which i wasn't about to do cause it was very little force that ripped it out. What happened was they used tiny a** screws that were no way going to hold the door. We tried better business bureau but he replied back to them that it was are fault.

His employees would show up late if at all take up to 2 hour lunches while i'm sitting here with windows out and bugs flying in my house.

They about put my screen door upside down and i had to point it out now i have holes in my screen door where they drilled to put screws.

I strongly recommend that no one ever choose this company the guy who runs it is a complete *** and has no right to be in the construction business. he talks a good game but his work and employees are garbage. i think i could have done a better job and i've never done construction.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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